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Boh hooker furnishings 6vcnggsxja
These accents aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re teeming with raw texture and organic motifs.
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These accents make implementing the moody hue a breeze.
Boh the vale london bp6 ah eva
With wild jungle-themed wall murals and outer space-inspired mosaics, your clients will long to get lost in these designs.
Boh mitchell gold   bob williams  tfjez1x3ka
These sunny debuts are sure to put a smile on your client’s face.
Phillip fresh 1 922x1024
From rugs to sconces and wallcoverings, BOH presents seven items that make implementing the lively look a breeze.
Boh black crow studios kredwo8v6a
These maximalist decor ideas prove that more is more when it comes to pepping up a drab interior.
Boh stray dog designs  099 q4rjdg
From ceiling lights to wallpaper and magazine racks, these highlighter-hued designs instantly energize an interior.
Ezgif 1 effcca9d45
BOH presents six mint-colored pieces ideal for any style of interior.
Ezgif 2 21e9246bb8
From pastel-hued rugs to watercolor wallpaper, these pieces will instantly invigorate a drab decor scheme.
Boh lulu and georgia 6zsrabt3bw
Move over, squiggles and waves—there’s a new unruly graphic motif in town.